A Pakistani on-screen character is involved in a seven-year-long court case about whether she is hitched or not.

Irtiza Rubab, who is known by her stage name Meera, has acted in financially fruitful movies, and won nearby honors for her work.

Presently, she’s standing out as truly newsworthy for another reason – as a result of a court fight against a man who charges he’s her better half.

Who is Meera?

She’s viewed as an outstanding performer in Lollywood – that is, Pakistani’s film industry in Lahore.

Notwithstanding nearby movies, the 40-year-old has additionally featured in Bollywood films and has already communicated a want to get engaged with governmental issues.

She is additionally known for her online networking recordings, and for her introduction style, which many find engaging.

Pakistanis like prodding her about her highlighted English – something she tends to take sportingly – and a current video of her singing the Titanic signature melody, My Heart Will Go On, became a web sensation, charming and stunning numerous.

In 2009, Ateeq-ur-Rehman a businessperson from Faisalabad, told writers he had hitched Meera in a private function in 2007.

He said he was troubled Meera hadn’t recognized him freely as her significant other, was all the while disclosing to her fans she was single.

He even created a marriage testament as “evidence” of their marriage, and said he had documented a few court petitions against Meera.

In the applications, he contended she ought to be restoratively inspected to demonstrate she is his significant other, that she ought not wed any other person before separating him, that he ought to have ownership of a house where she is living, and that she ought to be limited from traveling to another country.

Addressing the BBC, Meera’s legal advisor Balakh Sher Khosa said that a restorative application looking for a “virginity test” for Meera had been recorded by Mr Rehman, who guaranteed that the on-screen character isn’t a virgin and that she was lying about being single.

“This specific application was later rejected by the Lahore High Court. In Pakistan, such restorative applications permit the virginity trial of ladies in assault and infidelity situations where the lady needs to set up that she has lost her virginity because of the perpetrated wrongdoing.

“In any case, in cases like that of Meera, calling somebody their better half or spouse, the virginity test must be permitted with the assent of the included lady. Ateeq’s case was outlandish – that is the reason the court rejected it.”

Meera has prevented all from securing Mr Rehman’s cases, and demanded she isn’t wedded to anybody. She likewise documented a countersuit in 2010, testing the marriage testament.

Who would it be a good idea for us to accept?

The case stood out as truly newsworthy crosswise over Pakistan when it initially developed. Also, popular sentiment is partitioned.

Meera has expelled Mr Rehman as “aggravated and hungry for acclaim”.

She told that Mr Rehman was a promoter who she had met through a companion, and worked with on a couple of shows and visits.


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