The writer of an online spreadsheet that named men in the media business claimed to have mishandled ladies has approached, in the midst of bits of gossip that she was to be recognized by a magazine.

Essayist Moira Donegan said she made the rundown for ladies to share their stories “without being unnecessarily ruined or judged”.

The rundown rapidly became a web sensation when it was set up in October.

It was online for just 12 hours however accumulated the names of more than 70 men.

Charges against those named extended from provocation to assault.

Writing in The Cut magazine, Ms Donegan said she was “unfathomably gullible” when she made the Google spreadsheet, which was known as the Shitty Media Men list.

It took after a series of charges made against many men in media outlets, including Hollywood maker Harvey Weinstein.

Twitter post by @MoiraDonegan: In October, I influenced a google to record. My life has been weird and in some cases terrifying from that point forward. I expounded on it for @TheCut. Picture Copyright @MoiraDonegan@MOIRADONEGAN


When it was discharged the rundown drew a blend of acclaim and feedback, and was the subject of a few media articles. Theory had mounted that Ms Donegan would have been recognized as the rundown’s creator by Harper’s magazine.

In her article for The Cut, she said the unknown, swarm sourced list had been an endeavor at fathoming “what has appeared like an immovable issue – how ladies can shield ourselves from inappropriate behavior and strike”.

“I just needed to make a place for ladies to share their stories of badgering and strike without being unnecessarily ruined or judged,” she said.

“The expectation was to make a substitute road to report this sort of conduct and caution others without dread of countering.”


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