Three travelers, including two from Andhra Pradesh, passed on Tuesday on the way to the surrender place of worship of Amarnath in south Kashmir Himalayas because of different causes, taking the loss of life in the current year’s yatra to six.

Thota Radhnam, a 75-year-old lady from Fiwalayam in Andhra Pradesh, kicked the bucket of suspected heart failure in a network kitchen at Baltal base camp at the beginning of today, a police official said.

Radha Krishna Sastry (65), hailing from Anantpora in Andhra Pradesh, additionally passed on because of heart failure at Sangam close to the surrender, the authority said.

He said the assemblages of the perished travelers have been kept at the Baltal base camp healing facility for advance legitimate procedures.

A traveler, Pushkar Joshi, an occupant of Uttarakhand, who was harmed because of a shooting stone amongst Brarimarg and Railpathri yesterday, surrendered at a healing center here early today, the authority said.

With these, the loss of life in the current year’s yatra has gone up to six including three pioneers, one BSF officer, one palanquin bearer and one yatra volunteer.


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