The Pathankot region and sessions court has acknowledged a restorative report of a denounced in the Kathua assault and-murder case, who guaranteed to be an adolescent, which determined his age to be over 20 years, Special Public Prosecutor J K Chopra said.

Dismissing the supplication of guard direction, area and sessions judge Tajwinder Singh said the charged, Parvesh Kumar assumed name ‘Mannu’, will be dealt with as a grown-up, the legal counselor said.

Chopra said the court has declined his application and pronounced the denounced as a ‘noteworthy’.

Kumar’s insight A K Sawhney told journalists outside the court that they would challenge the decision of the trail court in the Supreme Court soon.

The therapeutic report was submitted under the steady gaze of the court prior this week by the Jammu and Kashmir police’s wrongdoing branch after it continued post summer break.

The region and sessions judge had issued bearings to the wrongdoing branch to lead a bone hardening test to find out the period of Kumar, one of the eight blamed in the merciless assault and-murder instance of an eight-year-old itinerant young lady in Kathua area of Jammu and Kashmir in January.

Solicited what was the feeling from the specialists about the age of the denounced, Chopra stated, “As indicated by it (the therapeutic sentiment), his age is expressed to be 20 or more.”

The destiny of another charged, who has guaranteed to be an adolescent, is still in question as the issue was pending before the Jammu and Kashmir High Court after the wrongdoing branch moved an application asking him to be dealt with as a grown-up in view of his medicinal reports.

The court had requested the test after the guard advise moved an application in the principal seven day stretch of June, asking for to regard him as a minor refering to his registration authentication.

The wrongdoing branch had constituted a group of specialists, containing medicos from different streams including the radiology division, and the charged was inspected on June 22 and 23.

The court had coordinated Senior Superintendent of Police R K Jalla to administer the medicinal examination and present the report when the court revives following a 16-day summer break.

While seven of the charged, including Kumar, are confronting preliminary in the court here on the headings of the Supreme Court, the eighth denounced for the situation is confronting preliminary in an adolescent court in Kathua area.


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