The land benefactors of a few regions of Kashmir Wednesday said National Highway Authorities of India (NHAI) was taking their property according to the rate settled by Maharaja Hari Singh 83 years back.

Talking amid a challenge exhibit held at Press Enclave in Srinagar against the State government and NHAI specialists, the roadway arrive givers requested installation of new rates for the land gave by them.

Executive of RTI Movement and convener of the Ring Road Land Owners Welfare Committee (RRLOWC), Raja Muzaffar stated, “We are challenging here in light of the fact that NHAI has proposed to develop a semi ring street from south Kashmir’s Pulwama region to focal Kashmir’s Ganderbal area by means of Budgam and Srinagar, yet the remuneration offered by NHAI is four times less to the rates in different conditions of the nation and the present market rate also.”

He said the land proprietors don’t need pay like different states.

“We have Article 370 out of a State, which gives us an extraordinary status and we need the State government to change a demonstration which will give equity to us on the grounds that NHAI experts are grabbing land from us at a cost of four times not as much as what different states are getting as remuneration,” Muzaffar said.

He said the Land Acquisition Act in Jammu Kashmir was 83-year-old made by Maharaja Hari Singh in year 1935 and the administration was presently requesting that the land proprietors take pay of land according to a similar rate.

Another dissenter, Ghulam Hassan Sheik stated, “The Land Acquisition Act 2013 planned by Government of India isn’t material in Jammu Kashmir since we have Article 370 in the State which gives us an exceptional status and we need the State government to correct this demonstration which will give equity to us.”

He said every one of the circumstances, State government and GoI discusses modernization yet with regards to pay for our territory which NHAI is grabbing from us, the administration discusses the decades-old land procurement act which would be never satisfactory to us.

The ring street has been proposed to build in four locale including Pulwama, Ganderbal, Budgam and Srinagar.

The semi ring street goes through Khanda, Chatargam, Wathora, Buchroo, Lalgam, Gudsathoo, Ichgam, Budgam, Pallar, Dharmuna, Goripora, Mirgund, Check-e-Razak Khan, Ranbir Grah and numerous different regions.


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