The US has reported it will give Ukraine $200m (£152m) to fortify its barrier abilities.

In an announcement, the Pentagon said the assets would be for preparing, correspondences, therapeutic, and other non-deadly operational needs.

The US said it had given more than $1bn in barrier support to Kiev since 2014.

Russia attached Ukraine’s southern Crimea promontory that year, and is additionally blamed for equipping separatists in the east of the nation.

Eastern Ukraine strife: another, ridiculous section

Ukraine nation profile

In excess of 10,000 individuals have been executed in the contention in eastern Donetsk and Luhansk districts – which are referred to all in all as Donbas.

Moscow denies sending its troops and giving weapons to the separatists, however concedes that Russian “volunteers” are helping the dissidents.

The most recent declaration by the Pentagon comes days after US President Donald Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin, which has provoked feedback from senior American officials that he was excessively merciful with the Russian pioneer.

Trump under flame after Putin meeting

At the summit in Finland, the two presidents examined various issues, including the Ukraine emergency.

Media reports say President Putin proposed holding a submission in Donbas to determine the contention – yet Moscow has not openly remarked on this.

The two pioneers held chats with just mediators display and have given couple of subtle elements of what was really said.


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