No less than 35 armed force men were killed in aggressor assaults on their establishments in Jammu and Kashmir in past two and half years, Ministry of Defense said on Monday.

Amid the past about 30 months—from 2016 to 2018, 9 assaults were done by activists on armed force camps in the state, uncovered Union Minister of State Defense, Subhash Bhamre in a composed answer to Congress MP, Kumari Selja in Rajya Sabha today.

In the nine aggressor assaults, 35 armed force men were executed and 40 others endured wounds.

In these assaults, 15 aggressors and a non military personnel were murdered and six regular folks managed wounds.

The information states 26 armed force men were murdered and 25 others harmed in five activist assaults on armed force camps in 2016 while three armed force men were executed and seven harmed in a solitary aggressor assault on an armed force camp in 2017.

“This year, six armed force men were murdered and eight others harmed in three activist assaults on armed force camps in the state,” uncover the figures.

As per insights, of 15 activists murdered, 10 were executed in 2016, two out of 2017 and three of every 2018 while a regular citizen and six others were likewise harmed in the assaults on armed force camps this year.

Bhamre said every single activist assault on armed force camps were explored in detail.

“At first sight it was discovered that these assaults were done by activist outfits,” he said.

Bhamre said the Government of India (GoI) had issued wide rules for security of “guard establishments and in consistence with the said Guidelines, the protection powers have taken various activities including hazard categorisation of army installations; evaluation and up degree of insight gathering capacities; reinforcing and streamlining of the reaction component; utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs); intermittent security review of every single army base and so forth.”

He said armed force likewise does an inside and out investigation of the activist assaults and security breaks that are related to different episodes.

“Edge security ventures of every one of the three military have been endorsed by the Government,” Bhamre said.

Real assaults

On February 10 this year, Jaish-e-Mohammad fidayeen assaulted the Sunjwan military station in Jammu. In the assault, six armed force men, a non military personnel and three Jaish fidayeen were killed.

On April 27, 2017 three Army men including a Captain were killed in a pre-day break fidayeen assault on Army’s Panzgam battalion close Line of Control in Kupwara locale. Two activists were likewise slaughtered in the armed force task.

In September 2016, Jaish-e-Mohammad fidayeen assaulted armed force base in Uri, close to the Line of Control. The assault left 19 armed force men and four aggressors dead. More than two dozen armed force men were likewise harmed in the assault.

On November 29, 2016 three intensely outfitted activists, masked as policemen, raged armed force camp at Nagrota in which seven armed force men were executed and three others harmed. Three fidayeen aggressors were additionally killed in the gunfight.


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