An Iranian unique powers administrator has cautioned President Donald Trump if the US assaults Iran it “will pulverize all that you have”.

Real General Qassem Soleimani pledged that if Mr Trump began a war, the Islamic Republic would end it, Iranian news organization Tasnim announced.

It takes after Mr Trump’s all-tops bolt tweet cautioning Iran’s leader to “never under any circumstance” debilitate the US.

Pressures have ascended since the US pulled back from the 2015 Iran bargain.

Maj Gen Soleimani – who drives the Quds Force of Iran’s world class Revolutionary Guards – was cited on Thursday as saying: “As a fighter, it is my obligation to react to your dangers.

Irate Trump Iran risk moves toward becoming image

“Converse with me, not to the president [Hassan Rouhani]. It isn’t in our leader’s respect to react to you.

Media captionIranian Americans on Trump’s approaches

“We are close you, where you can’t envision. Come. We are prepared.


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