Delegate Commissioner (DC) Shopian has declined to give any alleviation remuneration to NOK of Rubeena Jan (Beauty Jan), who was murdered in cross terminating close experience site in Shopian, refering to the “private issue” as the reason.

DC Shopian in an answer to SHRC see as to killing of Beauty Jan stated, “The Tehsildar concerned went to (DC office Shopian) and presented that the perished woman to be specific Ruby Jan (Beauty Jan) was hitched to Manzoor Ahmad Mir in town Rajpora, locale Pulwama; shockingly, she had gone to her folks’ home in Batamuran, Tehsil Keller before a couple of long stretches of the terminating episode on 18-02-2017.”

He educated the Commission that “All things considered the help instance of the expired woman in particular Ruby Jan (Beauty) W/o Manzoor Ahmad Mir relates to Deputy Commissioner, Pulwama.”

Executive of the Commission Justice Bilal Nazki named the answer as “heartlessness of DC Shopian”, saying, “The DC Shopian inside whose locale the occurrence occurred declines to engage guarantee identifying with alleviation to her NOK on the ground that the woman had been hitched in Pulwama region.”

The Commission while hearing the case stated, “DC Shopian did not allude the matter of Rubeena Jan to DC Pulwama yet educated the Commission that it must be managed by the Pulwama region (and) this demonstrates the harshness of the DC Shopian.”

“At first sight it shows up, that the alleviation instance of Rubeena Jan must be taken up by the DC Shopian in light of the fact that the episode has occurred in his region,” Nazki said.

Lashing out at the DC Shopian’s answer, Nazki stated, “Duplicate of the report documented by DC Shopian be sent to boss secretary, with the goal that he knows about lack of care of DC towards wards of guiltless people slaughtered in cross-terminating.”

The request of the case was documented by the Chairman of Center for Peace and Protection of Human Rights, M Shuja.

Then, DC Shopian has additionally educated the Commission that “It is presented that according to authoritative enquiry made by area organization Shopian, a task was propelled in town Batamuran mutually by Police, Army and CRPF.”

It was likewise specified that “After tight cordon was laid around town Batamuran and over the span of cross terminating two aggressors and two regular folks were executed and six private houses and three cowsheds were gutted and furthermore one vehicle got harmed.”

The DC Shopian likewise told SHRC, “as to help instance of NOK of expired people, the Tehsildar concerned was to go to the workplace of the undersigned (DC Office Shopian) alongside the alleviation and all data in regards to the NOK of the perished family.”


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