Mahesh Kumar Malani of the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) has turned into the main Hindu possibility to win a National Assembly situate, 16 years after non-Muslims got the privilege to vote and challenge on general seats in the nation.

Malani challenged and won the National Assembly (NA-222) Tharparkar-II situate in southern Sindh area, subsequent to vanquishing 14 competitors, the Dawn announced.

He got 1,06,630 votes while his adversary, Arbab Zakaullah of the Grand Democratic Alliance, earned 87,251 votes.

Malani, a Pakistani Hindu Rajasthani Pushkarna Brahamin government official, was an individual from parliament from 2003-08 on a saved seat, assigned by the PPP.

In 2013, Malani turned into the main non-Muslim Member of the Provincial Assembly in the wake of winning the Tharparkar-III general seat of the Sindh Assembly.

He had filled in as the executive of the Sindh Assembly’s Standing Committee on Food, aside from being individuals from different standing panels amid the last government’s residency.

Non-Muslims got the privilege to vote and challenge on general seats of the parliament and common congregations in 2002 after the then president Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf made corrections in the Constitution.

They additionally have saved seats in the Senate, national and common congregations.

Ten seats are held for minorities in the National Assembly, which are dispensed to parties based on the quantity of seats they have in the parliament.

Ladies and non-Muslims in Pakistan get two chances to wind up an administrator: first by challenging races on 272 general seats from anyplace and in the wake of getting the designation from a gathering having portrayal in the National Assembly.

In March this year, PPP’s Krishna Kumari from Tharparkar turned into the primary Hindu lady to be chosen to the Senate. She was chosen to a held seat for ladies from Sindh.


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