A non-nearby worker was executed and six others injured when a mortar shell detonated in a field near International Border (IB) in Arnia area of Jammu region.

Police said seven workers were working in a field of a neighborhood in fringe town Treva of Jabowal in Arnia, scarcely a large portion of a km far from the outskirt.

One of the workers found an unexploded mortar shell in the field and tinkered with it. The mortar shell detonated with an enormous detonation causing on-spot passing of a worker and wounds to six others.

The harmed were emptied to GMC Jammu, where state of one of the worker recognized as Bablu Lal child of Hari Lal of Relia, Bihar.

The expired was recognized as Bittu child of Dathal Mandal of Relia, Bihar.

The other harmed have been distinguished as Kircha Nand child of Abu Lal, Mukesh Kumar child of Suda Mandal, Pardeep Kumar on of Chattar Lal Mandal, Bachan Lal child of Dithal Mandal and Chandan Lal child of Sewa Ram Mandal, all inhabitants of Bihar.

Police authorities speculate that the unexploded mortar shell would have been discharged by Pakistani troops amid cross-outskirt shooting.

“The shell had not detonated and in the wake of fiddling by labourerers, it detonated today causing losses,” they said.

The unexploded mortar shells along the International Border (IB) and Line of Control (LoC) have turned into a reason for concern.


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