Upwards of 41 security men, including 20 policemen, and 32 regular folks were killed in militancy-related and stone-pelting episodes in Kashmir this year, authorities said today.

Giving points of interest, the authorities said 39 security faculty, including 17 Army staff, 20 policemen and two CRPF work force, were killed and 96 others harmed in militancy-related occurrences in initial a half year of this current year.

Of these, 28 Army work force, 31 CRPF faculty and 37 policemen were harmed in militancy-related occurrences, they said.

In stone-pelting occurrences, two CRPF faculty were slaughtered and 811 others harmed amid a similar period, the authorities said.

Of these, 592 policemen and 219 CRPF work force were harmed in 734 episodes of stone-pelting in the valley, they said.

As per the authorities, 32 regular people were slaughtered and 117 others harmed in militancy-related and stone-pelting occurrences.

Twenty-five regular folks were executed and 54 others harmed in militancy-related occurrences while at the same time seven regular folks were killed and 63 others harmed in peace episodes, they included.


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