The leader of India’s telecom controller has reacted to programmers who discharged his own data after he tested them to do as such.

Smash Sewak Sharma tweeted his one of a kind Aadhaar biometric ID number, testing anybody to discover more about him in view of the 12 digits.

Different programmers at that point discharged his telephone number, address and record subtle elements.

Be that as it may, Mr Sharma has said the programmers could have discovered all the data through a “decided Google seek”.

His choice to make his 12-digit ID number open comes in the wake of a wild discussion over the biometric personality plot .

‘Hole’ in world’s greatest database stresses Indians

Aadhaar, which implies establishment, began as a willful program to enable handle to profit extortion, however as of late it has been made compulsory for access to welfare plans.

Commentators have more than once cautioned that the plan puts individual data in danger and have condemned government endeavors to mandatorily interface it to financial balances and cell phone numbers.

The administration has dependably demanded that the biometric information is “sheltered and secure in encoded shape”, and says anyone discovered liable of spilling information can be imprisoned and fined.


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