The eight-year-old young lady from Kathua, who was group assaulted and killed in January this year, was overdosed with a mixed drink of narcotics through her captivity,”rendering her debilitated” to oppose rape and murder, expresses the supplementary charge sheet documented by Jammu and Kashmir’s Crime Branch on Monday.

The charge sheet documented in the Pathankot sessions court entireties up the examination of the Jammu and Kashmir Police’s Crime Branch group and furthermore gives subtle elements of the investigations of calls and financial balances that drove it to the eight blamed for the ruthless wrongdoing in January this year.

The supplementary charge sheet was put together by a Crime Branch group – drove by Senior Superintendent of Police R K Jalla and exceptional open prosecutors J K Chopra and Santokh Singh Basra, Bhopinder Singh and Harminder Singh – before Pathankot District and Sessions Judge Tejwinder Singh.

“We have presented the supplementary charge sheet, giving points of interest of call examinations, bank subtle elements and therapeutic reports,” exceptional open prosecutor Chopra told PTI.

The charge sheet records in chilling point of interest the narcotics, including cannabis, strongly given to the youngster from a minority traveling network, who was kidnapped on January 10 and supposedly kept in bondage for three days. She was slaughtered on January 14 and her body was found in a forested region close Kathua on January 17, authorities said.

Over the span of the examination, “it has been set up that the casualty was directed tranquilizers by denounced amid her imprisonment”, the charge sheet states.

She was given ‘mannar’ (accepted to be nearby cannabis) and additionally Epitril 0.5 mg on a vacant stomach, it says.

“She was strongly regulated five tablets of Clonazepam of 0.5 mg each on January 11, 2018 which is higher than the protected helpful measurements. In this way more tablets were given…The signs and indications of an overdose may incorporate sleepiness, perplexity, debilitated coordination, moderate reflexes, impeded or quit breathing, trance like state (loss of awareness) and demise,” as indicated by the restorative master’s report submitted alongside the charge sheet.

The pinnacle centralization of Clonazepam is accomplished in the blood following “one hour to 1.5 hours” of oral organization and its retention is finished “independent of (regardless of whether it is) controlled with or without sustenance”, expresses the report.

It says the tablets given to the eight-year-old could have pushed her into a condition of stun or unconsciousness.

“… the master feeling combined with other confirmation that has gone ahead record at first sight sets up that the casualty youngster was consistently directed overdose of Clonazepam (Epitril) rendering her debilitated to oppose assault and murder,” the charge sheet says.

The Crime Branch has captured Sanji Ram, caretaker of a sanctuary where the youngster was professedly restricted, his child Vishal and his adolescent nephew, two exceptional cops Deepak Khajuria assumed name ‘Dipu’ and Surender Verma and companion Parvesh Kumar pseudonym Mannu. Every one of them were named in the primary charge sheet on April 9.

It likewise captured head constable Tilak Raj and sub-investigator Anand Dutta, who professedly took Rs 4 lakh from Ram and obliterated critical confirmation. Raj and Dutta have since been expelled from benefit.

The supplementary charge sheet features the endeavors of Vishal and his dad Ram, claimed to be the brains behind the wrongdoing, to make a plausible excuse. They were purportedly endeavoring to demonstrate that Vishal had never gone to Kathua was really taking an exam on January 15.
It says Kumar was not only in constant touch with Khajuria but also in contact with Raj, who is alleged to have played a pivotal role in striking a deal between the police and Ram for destruction of evidence.
The charge sheet has submitted Kumar’s detailed call analysis to show he shared a common location with other accused on crucial dates of the crime and immediately thereafter.
The duration of the calls made and their frequency increased after the rape and murder, leading to “irresistible conclusion of knee deep involvement of accused Surinder Kumar with other accused…”, the charge sheet says.
The Crime Branch also conducted an analysis of the two bank accounts of Ram and found he had made huge cash withdrawals.
Witness statements recorded by the Crime Branch confirmed the accused had undertaken no constructional activity and had no social obligation either, the document says.
The Crime Branch alleged in its charge sheet that the withdrawals were made to bribe the police officers for destruction of evidence.
A copy of the supplementary charge sheet has been handed to the defence counsel.
Earlier this month, the Crime Branch informed the Supreme Court that it would be submitting a supplementary charge sheet in the case.
The apex court bench, comprising Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra and Justices D Y Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra, had on July 9 given it eight weeks to file the document.
The district and sessions court in Pathankot framed charges of rape and murder against the seven accused in the case on June 8, after the Supreme Court transferred the case from Kathua on a plea of victim’s family
Ram, considered the main accused, is alleged to have hatched the conspiracy with the other accused for kidnapping the girl as part of a strategy to remove the minority nomadic community from the area.
The fate of the eighth accused, a juvenile, was yet to be decided after the Crime Branch moved an application in the high court claiming him to be an adult.


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