A man employing a vast blade and yelling in Arabic focused on officers on Monday at a police headquarters south of Barcelona, in what police are calling a psychological militant assault.

The aggressor, said to be 29 and of Algerian root, was shot dead as he thrusted towards officers, said police.

Spain’s north-east Catalan district has been denoting the commemoration of the 2017 jihadist assault on Barcelona.

Be that as it may, police said they had discovered no proof the episodes were connected.

The aggressor, distinguished locally as Abdelouahab Taib, moved toward the police headquarters in the town of Cornellà de Llobregat at 05:52 (03:52 GMT) on Monday, humming the radio and requesting to be permitted in.

At the point when a lady officer behind a gathering window opened the entryway, the man lurched at her “with a reasonable plan to slaughter”, Police Commissioner Rafel Comes told correspondents.

The man yelled “Allahu Akbar” (God is most prominent) as he surged forward.

The officer opened shoot and the aggressor was lethally injured, the official stated, without saying what number of shots were discharged. The officer had utilized a weapon to spare her life, he stated, despite the fact that it was hazy on the off chance that she was behind a glass segment at the time.

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“Until further notice we are regarding it as a fear based oppressor assault,” he stated, in spite of the fact that he worried there was nothing at this phase to interface him to the jihadist cell engaged with the assaults on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas scene on 17 August a year ago and Cambrils hours after the fact.

Sixteen individuals were slaughtered in the twin assaults and the man who drove a van into regular people on Las Ramblas was in the end found and shot dead on 21 August.

Abdelouahab Taib had been living in Spain for quite a long while and had an outsiders’ character number. He had no criminal record and lived with a Spanish lady, albeit neighborhood media revealed that they had started separate from procedures.

Individuals from the Catalan police constrain and different experts looked through the man’s home a short separation from the police headquarters while his accomplice was addressed.

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Police looked through the man’s home on Monday close to the scene of the assault

Police headquarters crosswise over Spain were put on alarm because of Monday’s occurrence.

Spain has been on its second most astounding fear based oppressor ready level – four out of five – since June 2015.

Teresa Cunillera, the Spanish government’s delegate in Catalonia, had prior declined to be drawn on the thought process in Monday’s episode until the point that police had explored further.

“Achieving conclusions is hard before they have completed the base of registers and looked with the thought processes,” she revealed to Spanish radio.


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