Many families from North and South Korea have held passionate reunions as relatives met without precedent for no less than 65 years.

A gathering of for the most part elderly South Koreans ventured out to a vacationer resort in the North for the occasion, the principal such get-together for a long time.

The Korean War of 1950-1953 remaining the promontory separated and individuals on the northern side were not able leave.

The South Koreans were picked by lottery – the most established of them is 101.

These short gatherings are probably going to be the last and just time many will see each other.

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The more youthful kin of Cho Sun-do, 89, at left, had made a trip from South Korea to meet her

Eighty-six-year-old Cho Hye-do and her sibling Cho Do-jae, 75, were brought together with their more seasoned sister Cho Soon-do, who is 89 and lives in North Korea.

“I recall how wonderful you were,” Cho Hye-do disclosed to her elder sibling.

“I at last get the chance to meet you in the wake of living for so since quite a while ago,” answered the more established lady.


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