The SSM College of Engineering and Technology Sunday blamed the Police for scheming with revolt Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) legislator from Pattan, Imran Reza Ansari after Police Saturday entered the school grounds, activating conflicts.

The school experts in an announcement said on Saturday, the Student Induction Program was on when, out of the blue, police work force from Mirgund landed on the grounds and began pelting stones taken after by overwhelming poisonous gas shelling at the understudies, who were occupied in their day by day scholastic undertakings.

“The understudies were irritated and turned out from their particular divisions, bringing about a considerable measure of turmoil and perplexity by virtue of ridiculous teargas shelling,” the school explanation read. “The school remains by the viral video demonstrating unmerited police terminating and stone pelting.”

The school specialists expressed that Police entered the school grounds with no authorization from school experts just to irritate serene scholarly condition where around 4000 understudies are getting proficient training.

“Police must answer as to on whose directions they utilized over the top power on our understudies which left numerous understudies harmed including female understudies who swooned,” the school experts said in an announcement.

In the interim, the school guaranteed that the police activity made enormous harms school property worth lakhs of rupees.

The school experts asserted that on the bearings of Imran Reza Ansari, the SSP Baramulla had been enlisting Special Police Officers (SPO) now and again in Mirgund Chowki for badgering school experts.

“One SPO, Altaf took the firearm from Duty Officer (DO) Mirgund and focused on understudies and discharged teargas shells with no incitement,” the school experts claimed.

They said that DO Mirgund alongside SPOs has been making regular visits to the grounds with no request and authorization from their higher specialists.

“He in every case unlawfully crushes, whips and plunders school property,” the school experts stated, including that the concerned DO professedly takes school merchandise with him.

“We neglect to comprehend the part Police is playing. They have never been unprejudiced however rather hamper the smooth working of the foundation,” the school specialists said.

They blamed the Senior Superintendent for Police (SSP) Baramulla of lying that there was a land debate between SSM College and a private individual as the concerned SSP had discussed a stay arrange which does not exist.

The school has additionally discharged an order of asserted unlawful visits of the Police to the grounds since a year ago.

According to school specialists, the Police work force a year ago in April drew close to the Departments of Computer Science Engineering and Humanities, coercively ceasing the development of the staff and understudies over the way.

“They endeavored to raise the fencing over the way which goes to the school property enlisted under Khasra No 720, 721, 723 et cetera. The grumbling has likewise been accounted for to the experts,” the school specialists said.

The school has professed to have photographic evidence of the occurrence.

In March this year, the school has asserted that DO Mirgund with other Police work force visited this school grounds with no earlier suggestion and removed the iron barbecues which were settled on the roadside as an outline line.

Soon thereafter, the school said the Station House Officer Pattan and DO Mirgund again harmed the street prompting the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering and the young ladies inn.

“They displayed their weapons and took the security staff of the school as prisoners for quite a while and debilitated the security work force of the school to leave the recognize,” the school experts said.

In April this year, the school specialists said DO Mirgund alongside his group entered the grounds and removed old saplings.

They said in the long stretch of May from 23 to 25, Police twice compellingly visited the grounds, making serious harms the property.

The school has additionally given enrollment quantities of the autos utilized by Police on the two events.

The school specialists said that last month the DO Mirgund alongside 14 Police work force entered the school and evacuated a few iron flame broils which were then taken in a vehicle bearing enrollment number JK01T-6307.

They said every one of the occurrences had been caught by CCTV cameras and could be delivered as verification.

The school has now asked for Governor Narinder Nath Vohra to start a legal test into the issue.

The school’s reply comes multi day after Police held up a FIR against the school experts for affecting understudies to viciousness over a land debate between the school proprietor and a private gathering.


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