The much-built up boxing battle between equal YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul has finished in a draw.

Briton KSI, who flaunts 19.4 million supporters, went up against US star Paul, who has 18.2 million, in the firmly challenged session at Manchester Arena.

One ringside judge had KSI ahead by one point however the other two scored it notwithstanding, which means a larger part draw was announced.

The choice was welcomed by booing in the field, however the two men instantly required a rematch.

In all actuality, the battle was only the first of two arranged sessions, with the second set to happen in the US.

In excess of 15,000 tickets were sold for the Manchester battle, with thousands all the more paying £7.50 each to watch it live on YouTube.

After the session, the battling talk proceeded…

Picture copyrightREUTERS

KSI and Logan Paul had whipped their fans into a free for all before the session with affront filled recordings flying forward and backward and irate news gatherings held in Los Angeles and London.

After the six-round battle, both demanded they thought they had won. KSI proclaimed: “I believe there’s solitary one activity. I think we must have a rematch. How about we do it. That was enjoyable.”

Paul stated: “I believe it’s what the general population need. How about we give them a rematch.”

KSI got one final verbal delve in at his adversary, letting him know: “I can hardly wait to see your bleeding face everywhere throughout the web.”


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