A court in Myanmar has postponed its decision on two Reuters columnists blamed for damaging a state insider facts act while examining savagery against Rohingyas.

An authority said the decision would now be given on 3 September, inferable from the judge’s weakness.

Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were captured a year ago while conveying official reports given to them by police.

The men, who deny all charges, look up to 14 years in prison if discovered blameworthy.

The two men have been in prison since December.

“Whatever they choose for us, we won’t be anxious,” Wa Lone said while leaving the courthouse, AFP announced.

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Companions of the writers turned out on Monday in help of the two men

He has already said their work took after all media morals and that they “endeavored to come clean in light of the genuine circumstance”.

The decision comes a year after the long-running emergency in Rakhine state reached a critical stage when a formerly obscure Rohingya aggressor bunch arranged lethal assaults on police posts.

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The military reacted with an expansive scale savage task against the Rohingya, which the UN has said was proposed to drive them out of the nation for good.

Media access to Rakhine is entirely controlled by the administration so it is hard to get dependable news from the area.


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