A noteworthy report has discovered promising outcomes for the security of a weight reduction medicate accessible in the US.

The examination, distributed in the New England Journal of Medicine, says grown-ups utilizing the medication lorcaserin lost a normal of 4kg (8.8lb) more than 40 months.

It says the medication, which works by smothering hunger, does not put individuals at more serious danger of heart issues.

Be that as it may, specialists stress the significance of long haul way of life changes in accomplishing viable weight reduction.

Lorcaserin has been accessible in the US for quite a while under the name Belviq, however it still can’t seem to be affirmed for use in Europe.

Where are you on the UK fat scale?

The investigation took after 12,000 overweight or hefty grown-ups in the US more than three-and-a-half years.

Following 40 months, individuals recommended lorcaserin were three times more inclined to have lost 5-10% of their body weight than those utilizing a fake treatment, as indicated by Dr Erin Bohula, one of the examination’s lead creators.

Tests for heart valve harm demonstrated no critical contrasts contrasted with those taking the fake treatment. This has been a key worry over the wellbeing of other thinning pills.

Patients utilizing the medication were likewise at a marginally bring down danger of diabetes. It isn’t yet known whether lorcaserin has some other symptoms.

The pill is taken two times per day and expenses about $220-290 (£155-225) every month in the US.

The medication does not have an European permit. In the UK, it would need to be endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) before it could be prescribed.

However, it could offer an alternative to invasive weight-loss procedures such as gastric band surgery.

Over half of UK adults are thought to be overweight or obese. Both conditions carry an increased risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.


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