The Rajouri area would watch finish shutdown on August 30 in help of Article 35A, which awards extraordinary benefits to occupants of Jammu and Kashmir.

An All Party Coordination Committee meeting was held in Talab Wali Masjid of Rajouri town today. In the gathering, the members examined the dangers to Article 35A.

The gathering was led by Moulana Mohammad Farooq Naimi and gone to by different ministers and pioneers from various gatherings and social activists.

Conversing with columnists after the gathering, Moulana Naimi said the shutdown would be seen in Rajouri area on August 30 against any endeavor to tinker with Article 35A.

He said challenge revitalizes would be taken out from various mosques in Rajouri area on August 31.

“We will walk up to Gujjar Mandi chowk where a joint challenge will be held in help of Article 35A,” Naimi said.


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