The common secretariat would stay swirling with the recently delegated Governor Satya Pal Malik’s lady visit on Thursday as he is probably going to hold some critical gatherings.

The Governor would make common secretariat swirling with exercises and gatherings, working predominantly from here, sources in the common secretariat said.

They said dissimilar to his forerunners, the new Governor would attempt to connect with the general population from the common secretariat and routinely hold gatherings with authorities here.

A high-rung official said that the Governor would make his lady visit to the common secretariat on Thursday on August 30, where he would get the monitor of respect and later seat gatherings with the authoritative secretaries.

In perspective of the difficulties confronting the Dal Lake and to reestablish its immaculate wonder, the Governor would complete an investigation of the lake and survey its continuous ventures.

Jammu and Kashmir government has formulated a five-pronged arrangement to address different issues, including its reducing size, enhancing water quality and checking infringements over the Dal Lake.

The administration a month ago chose to have quick exchanges for the arrangement of Dredging Corporation of India as the nodal counseling office to plan a to-date nitty gritty task report which centers around digging recognized zones of the land masses in the insides of the Dal.

Sources said Malik would actually screen the Dal reclamation venture.

They said that the Governor was not kidding about accepting reports about infringements and un-approved developments around the well known Dal and Nigeen lakes for need of viable reconnaissance by the concerned neighborhood specialists.


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