The leader of the Puerto Rican capital San Juan says President Donald Trump’s reaction to the typhoon that crushed the US region a year ago is a “stain on his administration”.

Carmen Yulin Cruz’s remarks came multi day after authorities said 2,975 individuals had passed on in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria last September.

The modified loss of life is almost 50 times the past gauge of 64.

“The Trump organization slaughtered the Puerto Rican with disregard,” she said.

Addressing CNN, she included: “The Trump organization persuaded that they were helping when they weren’t generally satisfactory.”

The domain has attempted to repair its foundation and power matrix since the tempest, and is approaching US Congress for $139bn (£108bn) in recuperation stores.

Ms Cruz reprimanded Mr Trump by and by for his reaction to the emergency, referencing a photograph operation amid which the president tossed moves of paper towels to a horde of typhoon survivors.

Media captionHurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was certifiably not a “genuine disaster like Katrina”, Trump told authorities in the US region a year ago

“Disgrace on President Trump for not even once – not even yesterday – simply saying: ‘Look, I lament with the general population of Puerto Rico.'” she said.

“This will be a stain on his administration for whatever length of time that he lives. Since as opposed to come here to help us, he came here to toss paper towels at us, and we will always remember and we will recollect forget.”

President Trump commended the government reaction to the typhoon desolated island in the weeks following the tempest. In any case, commentators blamed him for indicating more worry for occupants in Texas and Florida after they were hit by storms.

Amid a visit to Puerto Rico in October, Mr Trump proposed authorities ought to be “glad” the loss of life – at the time just 16 – was not as high as “a genuine disaster” like Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


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