The State Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Friday informed open and the political gatherings that the last production of constituent rolls had been made on August 31, 2018, with reference to January 1, 2018 as the qualifying date.

These rolls ought to be utilized for the lead of the inevitable city surveys, the CEO said

As indicated by the notice issued by the CEO, the draft discretionary moves for the city organizations and chambers boards of trustees were distributed on August 4, 2018 by the Chief Electoral Jammu and Kashmir under the guidelines administering gather information.

Open notification were issued for amendment of discretionary moves by documenting cases and protests for expansion, erasure, rectification and transposition, according to the advised calendar.

The draft rolls were made accessible on the site of CEO, J&K at alongside the points of interest of appointive enrollment officers, collaborator constituent enlistment officers, and surveying stations level officers.

The period for filling cases and complaints was at first up to August 1, 2018, which was later reached out to August 18, 2018.

The office for documenting claims electronically was likewise accommodated the first-historically speaking time in regard of the city rolls.

Further, Kashmiri transients were educated that they may practice their vote in their individual civil body through postal vote.

Extraordinary camps were hung on August 5 and 12 and transfer of cases, complaints and updation of the rolls was embraced from that point.


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