In the midst of reports about the snatching of relatives of policemen by aggressors, J&KJ Police Friday said they were discovering the certainties and that no high alarm had been sounded in Kashmir.

Examiner General of Police (IGP) Kashmir Range, Swayam Prakash Pani told a nearby news gathering organization KNS that the examinations had been taken up following the reports about the kidnapping of relatives of policemen.

He said they were finding out the certainties in such manner.

Responding to reports, the IGP said the specialists had not sounded a high caution in Kashmir.

Prior, reports said scores of relatives of policemen were kidnapped by the shooters in south Kashmir regions.

J&K Police in its tweet said a few occurrences of kidnapping had come into their notice.

“A few episodes of snatching have gone to the notice of Police in #South Kashmir. We are finding out points of interest and conditions. At the appropriate time it will be set out in the open space (sic),” Kashmir Zone Police tweeted.


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