Twenty-six-year-old Fayaz Ahmad Wani of Chewa Kalan, Pulwama turned into the 68th non military personnel executed amid this year.

Of the 68 non military personnel killings, the most elevated 16 killings were seen in April taken after by 14 in May, seven each in January and June, five each in February and March, eight in July and six in August.

The regular citizens were for the most part slaughtered in the terminating by the administration powers.

Among the perished regular people, some were murdered in crossfire amid gunfights amongst aggressors and government powers at different areas especially in south Kashmir.

As per Police, a few regular people were likewise slaughtered by unidentified shooters.

Generally speaking, no less than 263 people were executed in Kashmir valley amid this year and of them, the most astounding are aggressors – 130, 40 are policemen including some paramilitary CRPF men and 25 are Army men.

The aggressors had a place with Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad outfits.

Of the 130 killed activists, the most elevated 24 each were executed in June and August while no less than 19 were slaughtered in April took after 18 in May, 17 in March, 11 in July, 10 in January and seven in February.

A month ago saw the most elevated extent of viciousness in eight months with 45 passings taken after by 42 killings in June, 41 in April, 36 in May, 29 in March, 27 in July, 23 in February and 21 in January.

Of the 45 individuals murdered in August, 24 were activists, eight policemen, seven Army men and six regular citizens.

In July, eight regular folks, 11 activists, three policemen, four paramilitary CRPF staff, and an Army man were murdered while in June, 24 aggressors, six regular citizens, eight policemen and three Army men were slaughtered.

In May, 18 activists, 14 regular people, three cops and an Army man were slaughtered.

The main quarter of 2018 additionally observed an end in tasks against aggressors in the hinterland from 17 May to 16 June for the sacred month of Ramadan.

Amid the Ramadan, 36 people were executed in various episodes of militancy-related viciousness and of them, 22 were activists (larger part of them slaughtered in gunfights along LoC), five policemen and 4 Army men.

In the blessed month, four regular folks were killed in various occurrences.

In April, 16 regular people, 19 aggressors, four Army men, a policeman and a political specialist were executed.

In March, 17 activists, five regular citizens, four policemen including three Special Police Officers and three Army men were murdered.

In February, seven activists, five regular citizens, five policemen and six Army men were murdered.

In January, 10 activists, seven regular citizen and four policemen were killed, while Army endured zero harm amid first month of the year 2018.


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