The body of a nine-year-old Boniyar assault and murder casualty was unearthed and a crisp after death was led on Friday.

A group of scientific specialists, specialists, and authorities from Police under supervision of the Magistrate Muhammad Aslam uncovered the body of the minor young lady and a crisp after death was directed to elucidate certain medico-legitimate angles.

Conversing with Rising Kashmir, Chief Medical Officer, Boniyar, Dr Bashir Ahmad Chalkoo said that criminological specialists from GMC Srinagar Dr Riyaz and Dr Arsalan helped by Gynecologist Dr Gulshan and a specialist from Uri doctor’s facility Dr Shabir did the exhumation and post-mortem examination process.

He said that the crisp posthumous was directed to illuminate certain medico-legitimate viewpoints.

Prior, Police said the nine-year-old young lady from Trikanjan Boniyar territory of Uri was pack assaulted and killed by his progression sibling and his companions on falsification of the casualty’s stepmother, Fehmeeda.

They said the minor young lady’s deteriorated body was recouped from a backwoods territory 10 days after she disappeared.

BMO Boniyar, Dr Bashir Ahmad Teli, who was a piece of the group that uncovered the casualty’s body, said the scientific group helped by specialists unearthed the body at around 10 am and the procedure of examination stayed in process up to 2 pm.

“The procedure of exhumation began at around 10 am. The legal specialists from GMC Srinagar requested computerized X-beams and for that we needed to move to District Hospital Baramulla and subsequent to gathering tests and reports, the dissection was finished by the specialists at around 2 pm,” BMO Boniyar said.

He said Police was agreeable to a crisp post-mortem examination by specialists.

In the interim, SSP Baramulla Imtiyaz Hussain said the body of the minor Boniyar young lady was unearthed to clear up certain more medico-lawful viewpoints which prior specialists while performing examination couldn’t do.

Police said that all the denounced had been captured and that it would before long present a charge sheet.


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