Boris Johnson has assaulted Theresa’s May’s Brexit plan, saying she had “wrapped a suicide vest” around the British constitution and “gave the detonator” to Brussels.

In the Mail on Sunday, the previous outside secretary said the Chequers bargain was “weak” and “disgraceful”.

He has been unequivocally scrutinized by a few Tories – one clergyman said it denoted an “appalling minute” in legislative issues.

The home secretary called for “estimated dialect” to be utilized.

Writing in a similar paper, the current Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt called for individuals to rally behind Mrs May, backing her to hold the line “even with serious weight”.

The UK is leaving the EU on 29 March 2019, and the administration’s arrangement – concurred at Chequers in July – has started feedback from Brexiteer Tories and in addition the EU.

PSNI head cautioning over post Brexit risk

EU ‘unequivocally contradicted’ to PM’s Brexit plan

The Chequers plan clarified

In his article, Mr Johnson blamed the EU for “harassing” the UK – however addressed why the reaction had been “so totally weak”.

He said that as opposed to getting a “liberal facilitated commerce bargain”, Britain is stating, “yes sir, no sir, three sacks full sir”, to Brussels.

“At each phase of the discussions up until this point, Brussels gets what Brussels needs,” composed Mr Johnson.

“It is an embarrassment. We resemble a seven-stone weakling being hilariously mad by a 500lb gorilla.”

Media captionTheresa May talks in the wake of meeting her bureau at Chequers in July

He said the explanation behind this was “basic”, to be specific Northern Ireland and the “madness of the supposed stopping board”.


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