Indicating that regardless of whether National Conference (NC) hops into the survey shred it ought not go into a pre-survey coalition with its previous partner Congress, senior National Conference (NC) pioneer and legislator from Sonawari, Muhammad Akbar Lone Saturday said Jan Sangh was superior to Congress.

Tending to party pioneers and laborers on the 36th passing commemoration of previous Prime Minister of Jammu Kashmir, Sheik Abdullah, Lone said Jan Sangh was superior to Congress, as, not at all like Congress, they didn’t secretly seek after a “hostile to Kashmir motivation”.

“NC shouldn’t align with Congress in or out of intensity,” frank Lone said. “On the off chance that we partner with Congress, we will be at a misfortune.”

He said the Congress has been changing stands versus Kashmir.

“They say one thing here and very something else in India,” Lone said alluding to the Congress’ “questionable remain” on the issue of Article 35-A resistance.

“Each gathering other than Congress is in agreement,” he said.


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