Responding to Rising Kashmir news story that Raj bhavan has ceased membership of Urdu daily papers, the Government Monday cleared up that Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) is consistently giving Urdu daily papers and press clippings to the Raj Bhavan.

“The news report guaranteeing that the Raj Bhavan has halted membership of the Urdu dialect daily papers is truly erroneous and terribly pretentious,” said an official representative while reacting to the news report showing up in a neighborhood English every day today.

He said the Raj Bhavan is being provided Urdu daily papers consistently by the state’s Department of Information and Public Relations alongwith interpretation of critical clippings according to the Department’s command.

“Prior, every one of the daily papers including vernacular daily papers were being given to the Raj Bhavan specifically by the approved news specialist, however recently these daily papers are being provided by the DIPR formally,” he said and included that amid the political government, DIPR is commanded to supply daily papers and magazines to the Chief Minister and different dignitaries in the State.

The representative said that notwithstanding daily papers, DIPR is consistently sending imperative press clippings from English, Urdu and Hindi daily papers to Raj Bhavan for the scrutiny of the Governor.

Plus, he stated, an outline of the general population complaints featured by the vernacular press is being converted into English consistently by DIPR and sent to the Governor’s Secretariat, Advisors to the Governor and the Chief Secretary on regular routine.


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