Aggressors, who masked as mediamen, killed a Territorial armed force man and ex-Ikhwan order inside his home in Shurat town of south Kashmir’s Kulgam area on Monday .

“Three people, who recognized themselves as media men, went into the place of armed force man Mukhtar Ahmad Malik at town Shurat in Kulgam toward the beginning of the day. They went into the house on the appearance of meeting him as he was at home for the grieving of his child, who had kicked the bucket in a street mischance a week ago,” said one of Malik’s relatives.

He said the activists shot from point empty shell go towards the armed force man and left the house later.

Malik, who had a place with 162 bn TA, maintained basic shot injuries in this assault and was taken to an adjacent healing center, where specialists announced him brought dead

Malik’s child passed on September 15 in the wake of doing combating for life at an Army healing facility for four days following a mishap.

After the armed force man’s murdering, police, CRPF and armed force men hurried to the zone and propelled cordon and pursuit activity to find the aggressors. Be that as it may, no captures were accounted for.

A police official said police have enlisted a case and propelled manhunt to track them down.

Mukhtar was some time ago a counter radical and associated with Ikhwan.

Amid his spell as Ikhwan administrator from 1994 to 2002, he was blamed for slaughtering and tormenting many unarmed regular folks for the most part having relationship with Jamaat-I-Islami. He was additionally blamed for being behind the killing of Jamat pioneer and two-time MLA Kulgam, Abdul Razak Mir of Bachroo town of Kulgam in 1997.

Mukhtar was drafted into Territorial armed force unit after Ikhwan was disbanded in 2002.

Mukhtar was let go at his local place. The nearby media men were not permitted to cover his memorial service petitions, which was for the most part gone to by his relatives and neighbors.

According to a neighborhood media individual, they were refused to cover the memorial service and were pursued far from the territory by relatives of the killed armyman, while some were hit with sticks too.


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