The EU is “prepared to enhance” its offer on the Irish outskirt, its main arbitrator Michel Barnier has said.

The UK and EU both need to maintain a strategic distance from a hard fringe – meaning any physical foundation like cameras or protect posts – yet can’t concede to how.

The EU’s mediator has now moved tone on his “stopping board” proposition to maintain a strategic distance from a hard outskirt.

At a summit later, Theresa May is required to caution EU pioneers not to request the “unsatisfactory”.

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It’s my Brexit bargain or no arrangement, May says

Questions and answers: The Irish outskirt Brexit fence

She has already dismissed the EU’s “fence” plan to keep Northern Ireland lined up with its exchanging rules, saying it would separate up the UK.

In front of the Salzburg summit, Mr Barnier said most checks could occur far from outskirt territories.

Yet, this was dismissed by Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party which said “despite everything it implies an outskirt down the Irish Sea in spite of the fact that with various types of checks”.


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