A British man who says he is a drug specialist from Birmingham has been confined in Syria on doubt of being an individual from the Islamic State gathering.

Kurdish powers caught Anwar Miah in the eastern area of Deir al-Zour multi month prior.

A video of his catch has surfaced on Twitter and shows Mr Miah saying he has lived in Syria for almost four years.

It is trusted he is being held in a jail in northern Syria, protected by US uncommon powers.

In the video, Mr Miah is blindfolded and says he has been filling in as a surgeon in IS an area throughout the previous four years.

He stated: “I’m a qualified drug specialist from the UK. I’ve been working in the doctor’s facilities since I came.”

Something like three other British men who are blamed for being individuals from IS are right now in Kurdish and US guardianship in Syria.

The war against ‘Islamic State’ in maps and graphs

Who were the Islamic State ‘Beatles’?

They incorporate two Londoners, Shafi El-Sheik and Alexanda Kotey, who are affirmed to be individuals from the famous gathering named The Beatles. The match were caught in January.

US authorities trust the cell they had a place with executed in excess of 27 Western prisoners and tormented some more.


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