Boss Secretary B V R Subrahmanyam Tuesday said the chose government in the State ought to argue Article 35-An in the Supreme Court.

“The State government’s remain on the lawful test to Article 35-An of the constitution under the steady gaze of the zenith court will stay reliable that a chose government ought to argue the case under the watchful eye of the court,” he said aaddressing a news gathering at Banquet Hall in Srinagar.

“To the extent Article 35-An is concerned, the Governor (Satya Pal Malik) has gone on record various occasions saying this isn’t a chosen government and it will be correct if a chosen government inside the State really battles the case in the Supreme Court,” the central secretary said.

He said there was no connection between the planning of holding Panchayat surveys in the State and postponement of knowing about the PIL testing Article 35-An under the steady gaze of the zenith court.

Article 35-A will be a protected arrangement that characterizes unique benefits delighted in by changeless inhabitants of Jammu Kashmir in issues identified with work, procurement of resolute property, settlements and grants while Article 370 accords an uncommon self-sufficient status to the State.

An appeal to testing Article 35-An of the constitution has been documented in the zenith court by a little-known RSS-sponsored think-tank ‘Jammu Kashmir Study Center’.

“There have been numerous deferments of the hearings of Article 35-An in the Supreme Court when the Panchayat surveys were reported. It is simply incident that the case is recorded in January and the Panchayat surveys are to be finished before that,” Subrahmanyam said.

He said the remain of the Governor’s organization would have been steady in the Supreme Court that there were numerous genuine complex issues which must be talked about to the extent Article 35-A was concerned and these ought not be examined when Governor’s administer is set up in the State.

“These ought to be talked about when a chose government is set up, which will take a strong position in the Supreme Court,” the main secretary said. “Thus, there is supreme clearness that Governor’s lead isn’t tied in with choosing Article 35-A.”

On whether gathering surveys would be held in the State, he said it was for specialists higher than him to choose.

“I am not capable to answer this inquiry and it’s for the specialists higher than me to choose,” Subrahmanyam said. “A get together was set up in the State.”


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