Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has finished a visit to Germany by opening one of Europe’s biggest mosques.

He said the mosque in Cologne remained as an image of peace and expressed gratitude toward the German government for squeezing ahead with its development in spite of challenges.

A noteworthy police task was set up for Mr Erdogan’s visit to Cologne, which has a huge Turkish people group.

His three-day outing to Germany has been questionable, with the president making comments scrutinizing his hosts.

Germany is home to a 3 million-in number Turkish diaspora.

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Mr Erdogan’s visit confronted dissents from nearby individuals

The two supporters and adversaries of Mr Erdogan held social affairs in Cologne on Saturday.

Be that as it may, plans for up to 25,000 individuals to be permitted to assemble outside the mosque were dropped by city specialists dropped over wellbeing fears.

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Cologne’s new mosque is one of Europe’s biggest

Cologne’s Central Mosque was worked by an Islamic religious gathering with close connections to the Turkish state.

The point of Mr Erdogan’s trek was to ease strains between the two nations.

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“We have to set aside our disparities and spotlight on our basic advantages,” he said.

In any case, the excursion likewise featured contrasts on issues including Turkey’s crackdown after the fizzled overthrow endeavor of 2016.

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Mr Erdogan blamed Germany for harboring fear based oppressors in a discourse on Friday night

At a state feast on Friday night the Turkish pioneer, leaving from his readied comments, blamed Germany for harboring psychological oppressors, those present told the Reuters news organization.

Germany’s top of the line daily paper Bild grabbed on the comments and was condemning of Mr Erdogan.

It embellished its first page on Saturday with the words “Abhor discourse against Germany”.

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On Friday, Mr Erdogan met Chancellor Angela Merkel for discusses the Syrian clash.

Be that as it may, he utilized the event to encourage Mrs Merkel to remove pundits of his legislature – known as Gulenists – that he sees as “fear based oppressors”.

The director of the German parliament’s remote undertakings board of trustees, Norbert Roettgen, told the Funke daily paper amass that “the planning of this visit wasn’t right – it was awfully early”.


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