In the course of recent decades, heavenly men in India have gone on many fasts requesting governments respect their guarantee to resuscitate the dirtied Ganges, a stream adored by Hindus. The ongoing demise of a standout amongst the most unmistakable yearning strikers stood out as truly newsworthy. Soutik Biswas went to discover more.

In a peaceful ashram (withdraw) close to the explorer town of Haridwar, a youthful diviner says he would bite the dust to spare the Ganges.

Atmabodhanand is on the 40th day of a quick started after the ashram’s most conspicuous occupant starved himself to death two months back.

The 26-year-old software engineering dropout from Kerala state goes through his days lying under a cover on a bed underneath a mango tree. At the point when dusks and the air gets chillier, he moves inside the simple quarters and rests.

“I am prepared to bite the dust,” he let me know. “Our ashram has a past filled with forfeit.”


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