Venezuela’s self-pronounced between time president Juan Guaidó has said his family has been compromised, in the midst of the nation’s proceeding political emergency.

In a discourse at Venezuela’s Central University, he said police had visited his family home searching for his better half.

Mr Guaidó proclaimed himself president this month and was quickly perceived by the US and a few Latin American nations.

Russia, China and Mexico back President Nicolás Maduro.

Military help is viewed as pivotal to Mr Maduro’s hang on power. In any case, Mr Guaidó says he has held mystery gatherings with the military to win bolster for expelling Mr Maduro.

Who is supporting who in Venezuela

Why the military is staying with Maduro

What’s behind the political emergency?

Dissents have been held the nation over since Mr Maduro started his second term on 10 January. He was chosen a year ago amid a dubious vote in which numerous resistance hopefuls were banned from running, or imprisoned.

Around three million individuals have fled Venezuela in the midst of intense financial issues.


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