New Delhi,

State-claimed control goliath NTPC will manage control supply to Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) from February 18 midnight for not clearing remarkable contribution of more than Rs 1,600 crore.

On February 5, the organization had likewise issued comparable notification to discoms in Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh to control, as the states had as much as Rs 4,138.39 crore exceptional duty for more than 60 days. Be that as it may, those notification were later placed in suppression after affirmations to make installments.

In a notice issued to J&K, the organization has said that as much as Rs 1,626.01 crore is expected for more than 60 days and as per the power controller CERC’s rules, generators can serve see for direction of capacity to defaulters.

J&K can lose supply of 939.03 megawatts of intensity supply from NTPC’s plants including Dadri, Koldam, Farakka, Auraiya, Rihand and Unchahar.

The NTPC see said the power would be directed from 00:00 long stretches of February 19.

It stated: “in the event of exceptional levy or on the off chance that the required letter of credit or some other concurred installment security component isn’t kept up according to the assention, the producing organization may serve a notice for direction of intensity supply on the defaulting substance, for diminishing the drawl plan.”


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