Any dedicated Sprouse twins fan has contemplated and knows the degree of their regarded acting vocations. They began acting at a youthful age and assumed a significant number of their jobs together, regardless of whether they were given a role as a similar character (Big Daddy) or a couple of indistinguishable twins (The Suite Life). They were isolated out of the blue when Cole Sprouse played Ben on Friends, Ross Geller’s young child. Also, in an ongoing “Really Me” section with GQ, Cole went covert online to offer his two pennies on Ben’s unexpected vanishing toward the finish of the show.

There is a reoccurring fan hypothesis that Ben vanishes after the show’s eighth season since Ross loses care of him. As indicated by Glamor, after his sudden vanishing from the cast, he is just referenced multiple times and he never at any point meets his relative, Emma.

Clearly Ross worships Ben with his entire existence, yet he makes some faulty choices that could’ve sent Ben’s mother, Carol, over the edge. As announced by Glamor, Reddit client and creator D.F. Lovett noticed a few of those choices, including Ross asking his self-protection teacher to enable him to assault Phoebe and Rachel in Season 6, attempting to attach with his first cousin in Season 7, dating one of his understudies all through Season 6, and being judgmental about Phoebe and Joey’s vocation ways and ways of life when all is said in done. Curiously, Ben was most recently seen in the Season 8 scene “The One Where Joey Dates Rachel,” which loans the hypothesis much greater validity.

GQ on YouTube

In his “Really Me” fragment, Sprouse reacted to the hypothesis and appeared to concur with the fans. One of them asked him on Twitter how he felt about “fundamentally being slaughtered off” Friends, and his reaction sponsored up the pitiful fan hypothesis.


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