A Canadian comfort store laborer and his girl have been imprisoned and fined C$4.6m ($3.5m, £2.6m) for taking a triumphant lottery ticket.

Jun-Chul Chung, 68, and his little girl Kathleen Chung, 36, were condemned to seven and four years in jail.

Her sibling, Kenneth Chung, who ran the comfort store in a Toronto suburb where his dad worked, was allowed a 10-month sentence.

The genuine ticket champ in the end got his C$12.5m income – in addition to intrigue.

“I’m simply extremely cheerful,” champ Daniel Campbell said in 2011, when the rewards were reestablished.

He split the bonanza with six of his partners who were a piece of a lottery pool.

“It’s a major ordeal for myself and my family and I can perhaps enable them to out and deal with them. I’m a little overpowered; a great deal overpowered.”

Equity Douglas Gray arranged the dad and little girl to each compensation C$2.3m, the sum staying on the triumphant ticket after roughly C$8m of advantages were seized by the courts.

The court found the fraudsters had utilized the rewards to purchase a chateaus and extravagance vehicles.


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