You’re The Worst has dependably been skilled at delineating psychological wellness, and as it nears its arrangement finale, it’s finishing off solid. In spite of the fact that Jimmy has known about Gretchen’s misery on You’re The Worst for a few seasons now, he hasn’t been the most steady accomplice. The March 20 scene demonstrates this is, in any event to some extent, since he straight-up doesn’t get it — yet it likewise features a standout amongst the most baffling confusions about wretchedness.

In the scene, we discover that Gretchen, in the wake of losing her employment, has framed a stopgap “office” at a riverbank, where she’s been going through the day with the goal that Jimmy still believes she’s beneficially utilized. After Edgar gets on to her ploy — and the way that she’s been taking his prescription — Gretchen cries that she’s hesitant to tell Jimmy since she’s apprehensive he’ll relinquish her once more. “He will abandon me once more, and this time he won’t not be right to do it,” she wails. “I was truly attempting at work, despite everything I blew it. Notwithstanding when I attempt, I come up short. I generally fizzle. What’s more, I can’t fall flat with Jimmy. I just can’t.”

It’s an uncommon snapshot of passionate trustworthiness, and shocking for what it’s worth, one Gretchen is on the right track to have. Edgar brings up that, now, she should feel great conversing with Jimmy about her issues, yet as it was clarified before, Jimmy truly doesn’t comprehend Gretchen or her sorrow. In a past scene, she arrived home to discover Jimmy nestled into the fetal position on the love seat, miserable that his screenplay was hurled out so that Diablo Cody could change it. He asserted that this experience gave him recently discovered knowledge about the “clairvoyant torment dejection can dispense” and that it truly “put [her] past flare-ups into setting,” just to get up the following morning with a get up and go in his progression since he chose to look into the “extraordinary void” of his bitterness and state “no more!”


This thought — that somebody can just decide to not be discouraged — is a standout amongst the most unmistakable confusions about despondency, just as a standout amongst the most unsafe. Jimmy was absolutely qualified for feel miserable, however his and Gretchen’s encounters aren’t similar by any stretch of the creative energy, and him misjudging that is actually what pushes Gretchen to stow away what she’s been experiencing in any case. After her genuine with Edgar, Gretchen tells Jimmy what’s been happening, and keeping in mind that he guarantees her it will all be fine, the tormented look all over proposes generally.

The closer You’re The Worst attracts to Jimmy and Gretchen’s wedding, the more obvious it’s turned into that they shouldn’t get hitched — not on the grounds that they don’t love one another, but since Jimmy can’t give Gretchen the sort of help she needs. She has a feeling that she needs to imagine everything’s fine and flawless or he’ll abandon her simply as he did toward the finish of Season 3. Gretchen may have excused Jimmy for doing as such, yet as this scene appears, the dread and agony his surrender caused might be too profound situated to fix.


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