A Canadian man held prisoner for a long time in Afghanistan has gone on preliminary blamed for rape, unlawful constrainment and different offenses.

Joshua Boyle, 35, has argued not liable to every one of the 19 charges against him.

A court-requested production boycott was lifted on Monday to uncover that one of the supposed exploited people is his offended spouse, Caitlan Coleman.

Pakistani warriors protected Mr Boyle, Ms Coleman, and their three youngsters in October 2017.

Mr Boyle showed up in the Ontario court on Monday joined by his dad.

Ms Coleman, who is American, did not go to the meeting but rather is because of start giving declaration on Wednesday, Canadian supporter CBC detailed.

The charges Mr Boyle faces incorporate attack, rape, unlawful repression, expressing passing dangers and criminal badgering.

The story behind the couple’s seizing

Police say all the supposed offenses happened after Mr Boyle and his family came back to Canada in 2017.

The character of the second asserted unfortunate casualty stays subject to a production boycott.

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Joshua Boyle and Caitlan Coleman were exploring in Afghanistan

Mr Boyle and Ms Coleman were grabbed while hiking in Afghanistan in 2012 by the Taliban-adjusted Haqqani arrange.

She brought forth their kids while in bondage. After their discharge, Mr Boyle said their captors had slaughtered a fourth youngster.

Their salvage stood out as truly newsworthy around the globe and on their arrival to Canada the family was welcome to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Be that as it may, under three months after the fact Mr Boyle was captured and charged. He has been under house capture since June 2018.


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