No less than 19 individuals have been slaughtered in a tremendous burst in a tall structure in an upmarket business territory of the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka.

Seventy individuals have been harmed, a representative for the nearby flame detachment has told the BBC.

Firemen have now entered the structure after the flame was brought leveled out.

The loss of life may rise further, as handfuls are dreaded caught inside the 19-story office hinder in Banani.

They are accepted to have been arranged on the upper floors of the structure, above where the flame broke out.

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Helicopters dropped water on the tall structure in Dhaka to bring the flame leveled out

Nearby media said individuals were seen yelling for assistance from windows and no less than six individuals bounced out of the consuming structure.

Flame teams, supported by individuals from the naval force and flying corps, were called to the scene to handle the burst. Many individuals have been protected.

“Nineteen putting out fires units are working at the scene. Bangladesh naval force and aviation based armed forces have additionally joined to battle the flame,” obligation officer Mohammad Russel from Dhaka’s focal flame administration control room is cited as saying by AFP news organization.

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Several terrified relatives and companions accumulated outside the structure

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Flame teams, sponsored by individuals from the naval force and flying corps, brought the flame leveled out

Aviation based armed forces helicopters were seen saving individuals from the housetop.

Helicopters additionally dropped water on the consuming structure from above while many froze relatives and companions accumulated outside the structure.

Expansive flames are moderately normal in Bangladesh, attributable to careless security guidelines and poor structure conditions. Several individuals have been murdered as of late.

A month ago, an enormous burst in Dhaka’s old quarter killed no less than 78 individuals and harmed handfuls more.

That equivalent month, a flame in a ghetto in the beach front city of Chittagong killed no less than nine individuals.

Dhaka, with a populace of in excess of 18 million, is one of the world’s most thickly populated urban communities. Some 3.5 million of its kin live in ghettos, as indicated by the World Bank.


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