In Bustle’s Q&A arrangement 28, fruitful ladies depict precisely what their lives looked like when they were 28 — what they wore, where they worked, what worried them most, and what, in the event that anything, they would do any other way. For Bustle’s excellence issue, Advice Haul, VIP beautician and OUAI originator Jen Atkin uncovers the one suggestion she’d allow her 28-year-old self in the event that she could do it once more.

Nowadays, Jen Atkin’s program of VIP customers is equaled just by her list of superstar BFFs, yet the 38-year-old beautician to the stars discloses to Bustle that when she was 28, her life most likely looked a ton like yours. At the time, she was living check to check in Los Angeles, moving along to Lady Gaga at bars with her companions, and keeping away from the dental practitioner no matter what. It wasn’t generally the most captivating, she says, yet she was functioning as a hairdresser, doing what she adored — she thought she’d just contacted her “profession high.”

Quick forward 10 years, and Atkin now sits on what must be depicted as a hair care realm. Her product offering, OUAI, turned into a moment most loved in the wake of propelling in 2016, thanks to a great extent to some extent to its set-and-overlook way to deal with styling (its VIP Instagram following didn’t hurt, either). Her normal turn of customers incorporates A-listers, for example, Karlie Kloss, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and *multiple* Kardashian-Jenners, who you’ll likewise once in a while find gracing her Instagram feed (Atkin, NBD, has very nearly three million supporters).

All things considered, Atkin says her objectives right presently remain to a great extent equivalent to they were back when she was 28 — she simply needs to enable ladies to feel their closest to perfect. Here, Atkin opens up about her greatest stressors when she was 28, her most noteworthy symbols, and the single suggestion she wishes she could return and disclose to her more youthful self.

Return us to when you were 28. Would you be able to portray precisely how you were feeling and where you were?

I was simply beginning to move from salon beautician to article. I took a shot at Diana Jenkins’ foot stool book Room 23 [which included big names captured by Deborah Anderson in a Beverly Hills hotel], and she allowed me the chance to work with Cindy Crawford, George Clooney, Lindsay Lohan, and so forth. It truly helped sling my profession and helped me get a specialist. I was feeling truly amped up for my future at 28. I likewise recollect meeting a charming person in February 2008 named Mike Rosenthal.


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