Three young vagrants have been charged in Malta in the wake of “seizing” an oil tanker, which is viewed as a fear monger movement under Maltese law.

One has been named as Abdalla Bari, 19, from Guinea. Two others, 15 and 16, are from Guinea and Ivory Coast and, as minors, can’t be distinguished.

Every one of the three deny the charges. They face as long as 30 years in prison whenever found blameworthy.

The tanker, Elhiblu 1, had in excess of 100 transients ready. All have been arrested.

The transients had been protected by the ship yet allegedly commandeered it on Wednesday in the wake of being advised they would be come back to Libya.

They are claimed to have advised the commander to travel north towards Europe.

A watch vessel later prevented the tanker from entering Maltese regional waters and an uncommon activities group was dispatched to board and verify the vessel, the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) said in an announcement.

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Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said every worldwide guideline will be pursued as police examine the episode.


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