The celeb occasion may at present be months away, yet the most significant insights concerning it were simply uncovered. What the 2019 Met Gala topic is has been declared — and it’ll unquestionably catch your eye. The subject, “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” is enlivened by author Susan Sontag’s popular 1964 article, “Notes on ‘Camp.'” And no, she wasn’t looking at outdoors in the outside. Rather, her piece characterized camp as “affection for the unnatural: of ingenuity and embellishment.” But it shows signs of improvement. Harry Styles will likewise be co-leading the show interestingly.

Alongside Styles, the other co-seats will be Lady Gaga, Serena Williams, Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, and, obviously, Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour.

Andrew Bolton, a caretaker for the Costume Institute (which holds an outfit display in a joint effort with the Met Gala every year), portrayed the thought of “camp” to Vogue as “style without substance.” He included, “[Camp] has turned out to be progressively more standard in its majorities—political camp, strange camp, Pop camp, the conflation of high and low, the possibility that there is no such thing as inventiveness.”

For the individuals who are still a little befuddled about what the subject may resemble, all things considered, Bolton further disclosed to Vogue that “camp” gets from the French action word “se camper,” which signifies “to strike an overstated posture.”

None of the three superstar co-seats (Williams, Styles, or Gaga) presently can’t seem to make a public statement about the honor.

For Gaga, Styles and Williams, this will be the first time to take on such iconic roles. Gaga’s position as co-chair might seem the most obvious: she is, after all, known to strike an exaggerated pose. Williams’ entry into the event might be surprising to some, since she’s a professional athlete rather than an entertainer, but it’s a welcome change. Williams has long been an activist for women’s rights on and off the court (not to mention a total style icon on the court).

As for Styles, the singer is known to be somewhat of a style maven. On the same day that the Met Gala theme was announced (Oct. 9), Vogue posted an article on Styles’ outfit, as snapped by paparazzi while he was at Narita Airport in Tokyo. Styles was “dressed in tailored layers in a subdued black and white palette, taking cues from a bygone era when dressing up for the airport was de rigueur,” per Edward Barsamian of Vogue.


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