The dad and two siblings of the supposed coordinator of the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, Zahran Hashim, were killed in a security powers task on Friday, police say.

Hashim, who exploded himself at an inn in Colombo, established an Islamist gathering, the NTJ, which has now been prohibited.

Police have attacked the gathering’s HQ in the eastern town of Kattankudy.

The Sri Lankan president has reported a prohibition on face covers, went for Muslim ladies following the assaults.

Offspring of the Easter Sunday assaults

What prompted massacre?

What is the NTJ?

The assaults focused on holy places and inns, murdering no less than 250 individuals.

Sunday faith gatherings were dropped the nation over as a safeguard yet admirers in the capital assembled to implore outside St Anthony’s, which was seriously harmed in the assaults.


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