Shooters have started shooting at a congregation in northern Burkina Faso, executing something like six individuals, authorities state.

The assailants purportedly touched base on seven motorbikes toward the finish of Sunday’s administration and killed the minister, two of his children and three different admirers.

It is the primary assault on a congregation since jihadist viciousness emitted in the West African nation in 2016.

Warriors associated to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State bunch just as the neighborhood Ansarul Islam have been dynamic.

The nation where it’s too perilous to even consider going to class

Burkina Faso’s war against activist Islamists

Nation profile

Sunday’s assault on the Protestant church occurred in the community of Silgadji close Djibo, the capital of Soum area, at around 12:00 nearby time (12:00 GMT).

The quantity of assailants included or their conceivable affiliations isn’t clear.

Islamist bunches have been accused for various assaults in the nation as of late, BBC Afrique’s Simon Gongo reports.


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