The US and Pakistan authorities on Monday held talks here on key reciprocal and local issues, incorporating the harmony procedure in Afghanistan.

Outside Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal said US Special Representative for Afghan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad joined by an assignment, including Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, South and Central Asia, Alice G Wells, touched base in Islamabad.

The motivation behind the trek is “to hold gatherings – some portion of customary meetings, on reciprocal relationship and Afghan harmony process,” said Faisal.

He said Ambassador Wells held designation level talks at the service of remote undertakings with the Pakistan side driven by Aftab Khokhar, Additional Secretary (Americas).

The ties between the two nations stressed after US President Donald Trump, while declaring his Afghanistan and South Asia approach in 2017, hit out at Pakistan for giving places of refuge to “operators of disorder” that slaughter Americans in Afghanistan and cautioned Islamabad that it has “a lot to lose” by harboring fear based oppressors.

Be that as it may, recently new endeavors have been propelled to improve the trust level after Secretary of State Michael Pompeo visited Islamabad in September.

The US and Taliban have held a few rounds of talks, incorporating one in Qatar, and purportedly made progress on key issues.

In any case, the intra-Afghan compromise is a key obstacle as Taliban are not completely prepared to sit with the Kabul government as they think about it as a manikin of the US.

The US uncommon emissary, Khalilzad, would likewise meet outside clergyman Shah Mahmood Qureshi and remote secretary Sohail Mahmood to additionally coordinate endeavors for harmony in Afghanistan, authorities said.

US troops have been positioned in Afghanistan for a long time.

President Trump allegedly needs to slice down the middle the 14,000 American troops in Afghanistan, and the Taliban chiefs have made a US withdrawal a key condition in harmony exchanges.


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