Senator, Satya Pal Malik, Wednesday asked activists to ” evade” the firearm and rather join the discussions for harmony in Kashmir.

Tending to a public interview at SKICC, Malik likewise reprimanded Delhi based media for “vilifying circumstance in Kashmir” with their antagonistic reportage and said pioneers in state have deluded individuals for the sake of “azaadi and self-rule.” ” The Delhi press regularly makes mountain out of mole versus Kashmir.”

Malik said discourse is the main path forward to accomplish harmony in the Valley. “I request psychological oppressors to evade the firearm and come and converse with me. Narendra Modi-drove BJP is listening attentively for them,” he said.

The Governor – who heads the counter militancy lattice known as Unified Headquarters in the state – additionally talked about militancy in Kashmir. “Pakistan is stuck in an unfortunate situation. It is exhausted, it has begun understanding that it can’t break India, but it will continue doing certain things. Aggressor preparing camps are as yet dynamic there, however we are killing the activists and new enrollments are additionally down,” he said.

About the New Delhi based media, he stated, ” Even if a one individual gets killed in Kashmir in a remote it is bantered for five days on national news channels,” “In my state (Uttar Pradesh), individuals are killed each day. Voyagers are every day plundered on the Meerut expressway. There is no news about these occurrences.”

Malik said the administration gently directed Panchayat and Lok Sabha decisions in the state, not at all like different states “where surveys are constantly painted with viciousness.”

He said government is taking number of activities that incorporate orchestrating celebrations, street shows to pull in more voyagers “from the nation over and abroad.”

Attacking political pioneers, Malik said Kashmiris are being misdirected and have been given false expectations throughout the years in “the name of azadi and self-sufficiency.”

“The truth of the matter is Kashmiri individuals are never been told truth. They have dependably been misdirected for the sake of Azadi, Autonomy,” Malik said. “Neither independence nor azaadi is conceivable.”

Malik said he regards Hurriyat pioneers, yet they have languished over wrong reasons.

“I regard Hurriyat individuals. They are old. Be that as it may, they have languished over wrong reasons,” he said.

Malik said youth in Kashmir have been instilled to battle for the sake of ‘Allah’ to accomplish paradise.

“This isn’t Islam. I am not a Muslim but rather I realize Islam superior to numerous Muslims. You can’t accomplish paradise by viciousness,” he said. “You can’t make India bow by viciousness.”


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